autumn-pathWhy Spiritual Direction?
We live in a noisy, fast-paced world that is full of distractions. Rather than becoming numb to it all, allow yourself to be distracted by God’s love for you and become more fully alive.

What is Spiritual Direction?
The centuries-old ministry of spiritual direction is increasingly sought out today by people who desire to become more aware and intentional in their relationship with God and, subsequently, the world around them. Spiritual direction is a sacred conversation with a trained listener about God’s presence in your life. Through this ministry, you are invited to listen and discover the deeper movements of God in your life. The real spiritual director is the Holy Spirit. Spiritual direction provides you with an opportunity to reflect with another about your spiritual journey.

Listening with the ear of God’s heart, the director asks questions that help you discern direction and meaning in your life and explore how the Holy may be working through you.

What is the intent?
Spiritual direction is a confidential and professional relationship that provides an intimate time and place to reflect with another about your spiritual life. The goal of spiritual direction is to help the individual name and claim their personal experience of God.

The focus is on growing in intimacy with God. A spiritual director helps you notice the Holy in your everyday life and live into a deeper prayer life that expands your sense of prayer.  Spiritual direction is not so much about solving problems but coming back to God’s loving presence and deepening that relationship. It is about opening oneself God’s transforming love.

What is discussed?
One-on-one spiritual direction encompasses all areas of life. This includes relationships, personal development, and questions of faith, images of God, fears, sorrows, and joys. Often people seek out a spiritual director during a time of transition in their lives. A spiritual director helps you listen to your life.

What is the fee?
Spiritual direction is $70 per one hour session. No one is turned away if unable to pay the full amount. Some people pay more than the hourly fee, knowing that others cannot. Please pay what you can afford.

How do I choose a spiritual director?
At Sacred Ground, you are asked to complete a simple application. This form assists us in making recommendations to you. Spiritual directors who direct for Sacred Ground come from varied religious and educational backgrounds, are experienced in the Ignatian tradition of seeing the Holy in everyday life, and have studied the mystics, different spiritualities, and theology.

Having a conversation with a potential director is sometimes the best way to choose the right director for this time in your life. Sacred Ground works with you to help that happen.

Fill Out the Application