Retreating Toward God’s Love

by Jayne Krim

Editor’s Note: Retreat in Everyday Living will be offered March 11-May 6 at Mary, Mother of the Church.

The Retreat in Everyday Living guided me towards God’s tremendous love, and embraced me with the desire for a deeper relationship.

The first time I participated in this retreat, I discovered God in all things. This connection with the Divine was constant in my everyday life. It turned into a pure, joyful existence.

Last summer, I did the retreat again. Being on vacation for two of the eight weeks during the retreat, I looked forward to the daily readings, journal writing, and reflection that are big parts of the retreat. This centered me, and gave me direction daily, and gave me strength and courage during my stay with family and friends.

This retreat leads to many grace-filled moments. God’s presence is surely felt. For anyone with a deep hunger to know God, or a desire for a rich experience of inner freedom, please join us beginning March 11. It will become a whisper of the joy that is yours!

Jayne Krim received her training and certification as a spiritual director from Sacred Ground. She is open to diverse religious and spiritual traditions. Her own tradition is Catholicism. Passionate about dance and mysticism, she finds and experiences God in all things. Jayne lives in Apple Valley with her husband and their three children.

February 24th, 2014|