Poem of Lent

by Barb Holm

Lent Came in August this Year
The ground was cold and hard
The ground of my soul that is.
It was dark in there
Pain, sorrow, sacrifice – Lent
How long, O Lord, how long?

Longer still it seems
No end in sight.
Here it is, more than dark;
All has worsened. – Descent to Hell
How long, O Lord, how long?

Long or short I AM with you,
The voice of Christ.
Follow me, I’ve been there;
Loneliness, suffering, hell – Holy Week
As long as it takes, Dear One, as long as it takes.

I AM with you in the darkest of dark.
Look, a crack in the tomb where the light gets in.
Hope flickers as the stone,
Heavy as it is, rolls slowly away. – Easter Dawns
As long as it takes, Dear One, as long as it takes.

More light, more hope
The helps are working.
More trust, more gain;
A thawing soul. – Easter’s Full Light
Soon now, Dear One, soon now.

O Christ we’re coming through to light;
Hope is filling and fuller.
Joyous gratitude for all that is, and was,
even the darkness, and is to come. Resurrection
Halleluiah, Halleluiah
Easter Came in December this Year!

Barb Holm is a spiritual director who believes that when people set aside time to be in God’s presence, renewal, guidance and healing take place. Her calling is to listen to individual’s sacred life stories. She is a Protestant who embraces people of diverse faith practices. Because of her background in school counseling, she understands the challenges and joys of family dynamics. Barb finds joy and playfulness in her relationships with her children and grandchildren. She is married and lives in Northfield. She meets with individuals at Sacred Ground and in Northfield. You can reach her at bholm414@msn.com.

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