cherryblossom-in-snowAre you longing for a deeper spiritual life?
Do you feel called to journey with others as they explore meaning and mystery in their lives?

Are you ready to transform your own life?
Students enter this Program with a desire to explore their faith journey in light of How the Holy might be calling them to grow. Whether or not you are called to walk beside others as a trained spiritual director, Sacred Ground’s program can guide your path by teaching practices for opening your heart to trust faith fully, discern wisely, listen compassionately, and love deeply.

Our Spiritual Direction Discernment and Formation program opens you to experience a deepening of your own spiritual journey; to grow in self knowledge and compassion; and to become a compassionate listener in our world.

Of major importance throughout the process are the areas of discernment, spiritual and psychological maturity, practical experience, and supervision. Semester by semester, you are
invited to increase your self-awareness; expand your listening skills; broaden your experience in spiritual practices; and experience and articulate movements of the Spirit.

Retreats, facilitated supervision, and personal contemplative practices help you incorporate what you learn into your daily life.

Students wishing to receive a Certificate in Spiritual Direction will also experience the
Extended Ignatian Exercises. (click here to learn more)

Specifics about the program:
Becoming a Spiritual Director is a reflective journey, a path of listening deeply to the Spirit within oneself and within others. Sacred Ground’s Spiritual Direction Training Program is rooted in the Christian tradition and Ignatian spirituality (finding God in all things). The Program emphasizes self-knowledge, discernment, and the fundamentals of holy listening. The Sacred Ground Spiritual Direction Program is a 3 year layered program in which participants enroll one year at a time.  Classes meet weekly for three hours for ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the winter/spring.  Students spend 5-10 hours per week on work outside of class.  Most students in our program who work full time are able to easily keep up with reading and writing assignments.

What is the fee?
In addition to the annual tuition for the program, there is a non-refundable fee of $75. payable at the time you submit your application.

Our Spiritual Direction Certification Program consists of :

Year One:
Discerning and Deepening Your Spirituality The first year focuses on self-exploration, the challenges of the spiritual journey, and the beginnings of learning to listen deeply to self, others, and movements of the Spirit. Components include faith, human, and spiritual development; faith traditions; spiritual practices; Enneagram basics; Christian mystics; and practice in listening.

Tuition: $2,500

Year Two:
Becoming a Compassionate Listener in the World The second year focuses on listening deeply to self, others, and movements of the Spirit, and on becoming a compassionate presence in everyday life. Students arrange to have two people who are willing to have significant conversations with them during the year, so that they can practice their listening skills. Components include listening in dyads, facilitated supervision, and Ignatian spirituality.

Tuition: $2,500

Year Three:
Being a Spiritual Director
The third year focuses on the skills and the calling of being a spiritual director. Candidates for a Certificate in Spiritual Direction identify at least two directees with whom to journey during the year. Components include practical experience and facilitated supervision.

Tuition: $1,250

The program begins at the end of September every year, and includes a combination of weekly evening classes, workshops and retreats, and independent studies.

To support your ongoing discernment in discerning where God is leading you, your commitment to this program is one year at a time.

Is this program for me?
Are you…

  • Dedicated to a daily personal prayer life?
  • Currently receiving spiritual direction?
  • Willing to experience personal growth in the areas of psychology and spirituality?
  • Willing to be open to the movement of God’s Spirit?
  • Interested in and able to listen to others share their faith experiences?
  • Willing to change, grow, and be open to new ideas and varied expressions of the faith journey?

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