Are You Ready?

by Tess Nelson

Editor’s Note: Tess Nelson will offer “The Artist’s Way: A 12-Week Course in Creativity” beginning Thursday, March 13.

The Artist’s Way book sat on my shelf for several years before I took an Artist’s Way class. I would begin and soon stop, as it became too difficult for me to continue with so many things bubbling up inside me, and my feeling that I had no place to bring them. Sometimes the noise in our head becomes our greatest barrier. So, I decided I was worth the commitment of time and money to take the class . . . and this group forum helped me begin to identify and break down those barriers, so I could see and begin to manifest the magic within me.

I believe we all have positive qualities and gifts that we struggle to recognize in ourselves, and we need the help of a “mirror”.

The Artist’s Way class beginning this month is the mirror I’m offering you! Using Julia Cameron’s book as a base, I also bring the wisdom teachings of other spiritual leaders to enrich your inner journey into your true essence. All of the music, activities, poems, prayers and inspirational/creative messages that I add take you even deeper into the themes Julia outlines in each chapter.

Spring brings with it the invitation to begin again, so step into this safe and welcoming place where you can practice breaking down barriers and being a beginner again. Be prepared to wade in the water, walk through the fire, and fly like the wind! You will be well accompanied.

So please come join me and other fellow beginners on Thursday evenings beginning March 13. I look forward to journeying with you!

Tess Nelson is a spiritual director, life coach and experienced group facilitator. Throughout the Artist’s Way class she creates a safe and welcoming space that provides the opportunity for participants to reflect on the readings, experience suggested exercises and to share thoughts and encouragement with others. Tess has come to know and trust Julia Cameron’s “way” through her own participation as well as leading several groups over the last ten years. If you have any questions for Tess re: class content or process, please contact her directly at or 651-808-5413.

March 6th, 2014|