Sacred Ground is excited to announce that we’re offering ongoing education for experienced spiritual directors, beginning this fall.  As you know, the spiritual direction training program was redesigned a few years ago and new books and topics were introduced into the first semester curriculum.  We’d like to invite experienced spiritual directors to join our new students for the fall semester at a substantially reduced cost.

Benefits of your participation are:

  • Refresh and renew your knowledge, strengths and self awareness.
  • Reinforce previous learning and shed new light on growth areas
  • Dramatically deepen and grow in understanding of our ministry

Your wisdom could greatly enhance the students’ learning and their fresh perspective could greatly enhance your practice.
The semester begins with an overnight retreat at St. Paul’s Monastery on September 16-17 and classes are Tuesday nights from 6-9 PM at Carondelet Center for ten weeks.   For the students who are just beginning our program, this retreat is required, but it is optional for experienced directors.  However, it’s a wonderful time to get to know each other.

Topics that the first semester covers are:

  • Images of God in contemporary theology
  • Prayer and prayer practices
  • Ignatian discernment
  • Introduction to spiritual direction

The cost of the classes for those who have been certified by Sacred Ground is $500.  For those certified by other organizations, the cost is $650, which is half of what the new students pay.  The retreat is an additional $95.  Those who work in professions that require CEUs will understand that our pricing for 30 hours of continuing education is a real bargain!

If you are interested in joining us this fall, please contact Barbara Rolfes in the Sacred Ground office at (651) 696-2798 or by email at We’d like to have our cohort in place by the first week in August.

And remember, whether you’ve been directing for just a few years or for a long time, it’s never too late to learn something new!